Natural Ways To Improve Your Acne Condition

Acne is not a pleasant thing to have, no matter how you look at it, each of those spots is ugly. And you want to get rid of those acne nodules as fast as possible. In this article, I would like to share with you some of the most effective natural treatments that I have used to cure my acne condition.

Using these methods, I was able to put an end to acne that had troubled me for 9 years in less than 3 months. Not to brag here, but to convince you about the effectiveness of the methods that I am going to cover.

Tea tree oil can fight acne, make hair shiny, heal dry scalp, restore damaged hair and skin, heal patches of eczema, cure ear aches, fight headaches, and more. That really is just for starters. I use tea tree oil in so many different aspects of beauty, but the hair and skin are the most common. I have used tea tree oil to achieve all-day control over curly hair, as protection against sun damage in the hair, as protection against chlorine damage for hair and skin, to heal and prevent split ends, and as a treatment for dry skin.

Coconut oil is considered to be an antioxidant and very good to your skin. All you need to do is to massage smoothly the oil to your skin. One way to effectively do this process is to massage and compress your skin in the upward direction. This is also have a tightening effect and will be able to minimize the formation of wrinkles and acne. You may use your hand or you may use a cotton ball to do the massage and application just like when you are using an anti aging cream.

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Yes, it’s thick and oh-so-shiny, but petroleum jelly is a very useful beauty product. It has made my list of favorite beauty products because it can be used for a variety of different things. A common use is for treatment of dry skin, but there are even more uses. If you apply Vaseline on your face, it will take away the itch caused by acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This form of vinegar balances out the skin’s pH level while killing off bacteria and absorbing excess oil. Pour a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar (eight parts water in one part vinegar) in a cotton ball and apply to problem areas. You can change the dosage of the diluted vinegar to a stronger one if you don’t have sensitive skin. Let the solution dry and rinse off after ten minutes.

A regular sufficient supply of chromium is also very important for the skin. Chromium will act as an antiseptic so it helps heal acne and get rid of the blemishes as well. Taking chromium regularly would surely get of your pimples faster. It will also help keep acne away. Of course, if you are trying to lose weight you would love chromium since it also enables you to lose weight.

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Unfortunately for some, acne is a fact of life that must be managed and dealt with. However, many overlook the treatments that are available to them right there in the home. Check out the list from HERE and see what acne home remedies you may have overlooked.

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