Great Methods To Finally Eliminate Acne

Do you think acne only affects youngsters? Then you are wrong. It regularly affects adults. It is depressing to look in the mirror and see a new wave of spots and pimples all over your face and you might not know what to do.

It is no coincidence that people who eat healthy food tend to have skin that shines and glows. In contrast, think of someone you know who eats nothing but junk food. It is likely that they have some issues with acne. Experts agree that a good, healthy diet can go a long way towards either preventing acne or helping diminish it. The Chinese believe, and have been widely accepted in their belief, that acne is solely attributed to a poor diet.

Thus, Acne treatment can be as easy as eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits like apples, oranges, carrots, and other common fruits and vegetables will give your skin rejuvenation. Avoid eating foods with high on sugar, sodium and carbohydrates. For acne marks and blemishes, use Aloe Vera juice once in the morning and once in the evening to help heal the wound. It is also good for acne inflammation as well as eliminating bacteria growth.

Yep – tea! There have been a number of studies that show using a 2% tea lotion significantly reduces acne flare ups. If you’ve got a pimple that’s red or inflamed, try soaking a chamomile tea back in ice cold water and applying it to your pimple for roughly 30 seconds. Chamomile is a natural anti inflammatory and will reduce the swelling in a pimple.

Green tea has been used in the Orient for thousands of years, and is still used there today for its healing properties. It also is a very strong antioxidant. Green tea also helps keep our body clean from the inside out. While in China on a business trip some years ago it was evident that the Chinese people have a very high respect for green tea, drinking it constantly.

Stress – Some research has shown that emotional stress can contribute to acne and other skin related problems. If you are stressed consider starting an exercise program. Regular exercise is said to be good for reducing stress.

Start exercising. Exercise seems to be popular these days, and with good reason. Exercising is a good way to circulate oxygen and to keep your body at its optimal level. Exercise can be great for acne because it brings oxygen right to the surface skin cells that are having the problem when acne is involved.

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